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Across all levels in Proview – our attitude is to help our clients, people and the public wherever we are.

We hire first on attitude, then skills. We focus on our scaffolders and their attitude – and strengthen this with technical scaffold training to ensure our clients receive a superior level of service on their projects. All our scaffolders are ticketed, competent and friendly. We have vast experience in delivering on commercial scaffolding projects and our superior quality workmanship is evident in our product we deliver.

Our commercial scaffolding services include, design & engineering, shop drawings, custom manufacturing, safe and fast installation, anchor pull testing. Reach out to our expert scaffolders today and we can help you value engineer and save you money.


We help you save money on your scaffolding budget


We believe in flexibility to strengthen relationships

We’ve erected, maintained and dismantled scaffolding for hundreds of commercial sites

Our leadership team has delivered projects for most of Sydney’s top builders in the last decade.

  • Richard Crookes
  • Built.
  • Buildcorp
  • Probuild
  • Taylor
  • JQZ
  • Grindley
  • KANE
  • Parkview
  • Deicorp
  • Mainbrace
  • ADCO
  • Ganellan
  • PBS Building

Competence on all levels.

Whatever project it is you need scaffolding for, you probably already know there are a lot of scaffolding suppliers to choose from.

But there’s only one Sydney-based scaffolding supplier which has built a rock-solid reputation on a foundation of non-negotiable safety, environmental sustainability, leading-edge efficiency and long-term relationships with every single client.

With over 50 years combined experience we can resolve the most complex access problems, on time and on budget.

Over 50 years combined experience

We’re completely digital. No paper.

Our experienced team has implemented a paperless approach to scaffolding to help our builders organisation.

We’re obsessed with productivity improvement.

We hire experienced scaffolders & supervisors to ensure your project remains safe, efficient & productive all the time, every time.

Our six step process

1. Understanding your needs

After consulting with your project team, Proview Scaffolding will submit our proposal in line with your building methodology and budget.

2. Project planning

When engaged, Proview Scaffolding assigns a dedicated Scaffold Supervisor to your project, in charge of meeting your program schedules.

3. Scaffold installation

Our ticketed and competent scaffolders install the scaffolding under supervision ensuring total compliance with Australian Standards and Codes of Practice. 

4. Scaffold maintenance & modifications

Our Operations team maintains a constant line of communication with your site team to ensure, your Scafftags stay up to date, and any miscellaneous changes are swiftly addressed.

5. Scaffold dismantle

We work with your site team to ensure the scaffold dismantle sequence works for you, leaving enough time for final façade finishes as we dismantle the scaffold.

6. Continuous improvement

Our integrated methodology is audited during and after every project in a 360 feedback loop, constantly improving and advancing our service.

Our values define us

We’re completely digital. No paper.

We’ve invested significantly into research and development to make scaffolding cheaper and greener for Sydney.

We’re obsessed with productivity improvement.

We’re the only scaffolding company that tracks worker productivity hourly.

Experience matters

We have over 50 combined years experience supporting the likes of DIYer’s and Developers in Sydney.