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Providing Overhead Protection for Safe pedestrian access across NSW.

We’ve installed a 40m B-Class Hoarding, Overhead protection for a 4 Level residential building in Ramsgate.

Scaffold Hoarding Solutions
across NSW.

Proview Scaffolding provides B-Class and A-Class Hoarding
solutions for safe pedestrian access. 

Safe Access. Protecting Pedestrians.


Builders are required to provide safe access for workers & pedestrians during the demolition & construction of their projects.

Hoardings help provide overhead protection and a safety barrier between the building and footpath and as a result providing a safe pathway for pedestrians.

Before you build on council property, permits are required from your local council.

Proview can assist you with council drawings & engineering certification in this process.

Campbell Street,



Proview Scaffolding supplied & installed a modular scaffold B-Class hoarding to provide safe access for pedestrians during the construction of a four level commercial & residential building site in the heart of Ramsgate.

The B-Class hoarding was engineered to a 10KPA rating to accommodate for Site sheds while providing the safe access for pedestrians & workers during construction. 

Ozone Luxury Apartments


Having a Type B Hoarding providing overhead protection doesn’t mean you have to block all vehicular access to site. 

On one of our recent projects, Proview Scaffolding supplied and installed universal beams for a driveway opening 7.5m wide. 

This satisfies both the site access requirements and overhead protection for pedestrians on the footpath.

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“Council application? Design drawings? A-Class? B-Class? Talk to the experts at Proview today, we’ll take care of it all”

Our integrated approach

Proview Scaffolding is an ISO Certified Scaffolding Contractor, which means the left hand talks to the right hand and our clients reap the benefits.

Understanding your needs

After consulting with your project team, Proview Scaffolding will submit our proposal in line with your building methodology and budget.

Project planning

When engaged, Proview Scaffolding assigns a dedicated Scaffold Supervisor to your project, in charge of meeting your program schedules.

Scaffold installation

Our ticketed and competent scaffolders install the scaffolding under supervision ensuring total compliance with Australian Standards and Codes of Practice. 

Scaffold maintenance & modifications

Our Operations team maintains a constant line of communication with your site team to ensure, your Scafftags stay up to date, and any miscellaneous changes are swiftly addressed.

Scaffold dismantle

We work with your site team to ensure the scaffold dismantle sequence works for you, leaving enough time for final façade finishes as we dismantle the scaffold.

Continuous improvement

Our integrated methodology is audited during and after every project in a 360 feedback loop, constantly improving and advancing our service.

Speak to a scaffolder who’s aware of overhead protection requirements. Contact us today.